Top 6 Most Poisonous Plants



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There are quite a lot of plants found on earth. Many plants are lifesaving and are important to live a healthy life but be advised that there are many plants which are very poisonous and are always risky. The following piece of text explains in brief about the top six the most poisonous plants.

Hemlock, also known as Conium is one of the most poisonous plants found on earth. This is the plant which was widely used by the ancient Greek for getting things done with their enemies. Even the famous philosopher Socrates was the victim of this poison. This plant produces a poisonous chemical called coniine whose small amount (5-10 leaves, seeds or pieces of roots) of ingestion can cause death.

The poison affects the neuro-muscular junction of your body and results ascending muscular paralysis. The paralysis starts from leg and reaches the respiratory muscle and finally results in death of person. Similar to Conium is the Water Hemlock (Cicuta), which is also extremely toxic. The Cicuta plants contain the Cicutoxin which is found in the roots and look like parsnip.

Ingestion of Cicutoxin leads to a number of symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, kidney failure, nausea, respiratory impairment etc. Ingestion of water hemlock by animals lead to their death within 15 minutes.

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