Top 6 Youngest Countries in the World

Serbia – June 2006

Top 6 Youngest Countries in the World - Serbia - Copy

Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Srbiјa Republic) is a country in Southeastern Europe. To the north Serbia borders the countries of Hungary to the east – with Romania and Bulgaria to the south – with the Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo, to the southwest – with Montenegro and to the west – with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Its capital is Belgrade.
The country is a member of the UN, Council of Europe and CEFTA, and it seeks to join the European Union and keeps military neutrality.
The main part – 80% of the territory of Serbia is in the Balkan Peninsula, and 20% – in the Pannonian Plain. The total length of the borders of the country is 2114.2 kilometers.
According to the census of 2011, which excludes Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia has 7,120,666 inhabitants.

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