Top 6 Youngest Countries in the World

Palau – October 1994

Top 6 Youngest Countries in the World - Palau - Copy

Republic of Palau comprises 241 islands located in the western part of the Caroline Islands. Most of the islands are uninhabited and only 11 of them are inhabited. There is a small population, 70% of which live on the island and the island of Koror Babelthuap. The majority of the population profess Christianity, but about 1/3 profess religion local modekngei.
At the end of 1914, after the beginning of World War II, Japan occupied the islands and in 1920 obtained a mandate for their management from the League of Nations.
During World War II, the islands were liberated by American troops and 1947 Palau is in the composition of Micronesia dependent areas under the control of the United States.
In November 1993 it held a referendum which approved status of Palau as a “state freely associated with the United States.” On October 1, 1994 the independence of the Republic of Palau was proclaimed.

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