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6 Women With the Longest Legs

1. Svetlana Pankratova

Svetlana Pankratova

Guinness World Record-holder Svetlana Pankratova is the woman with the longest legs in the world. She is from Russia, but she lives in the USA at the moment.

Her legs are 51.9“ long (132 cm.) and she is 196 cm tall. She used to play basketball when she was little because she was very tall.

Despite the fact Svetlana has the longest legs in the world, she is not the tallest woman. But her legs are around 2/3 of her height. She is married to a guy called Jack Gosnell  and she’s currently a basketball coach. We can say that guy is pretty lucky.

She started her basketball career in Russia and then continued in America.  Pankratova has a photo session with the smallest man in the world – Hee Pindzhinom (74 cm). That guy fits under her legs. Svetlana’s feet size is also extremely large – 13 (US).

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