Top 6 Strange Weapons


Mobile ‘Grad’ system

Top 6 Strange Weapons - Mobile Grad system - Copy

The portable unit for shooting with reactive ammunition was developed by the request of the government of North Vietnam. Soviet engineers succeeded for a short time to develop and assemble an unit that can be managed from virtually every soldier without much difficulty in the fight – regardless if he is a fighter from the regular army or a volunteer who has not seen any weapon before .The M-21OF shells, which are used in the rocket launcher BM-21 “Grad” system in the form of collected on the chassis of a truck-based single-portable unit, turned into a precise weapon for single firing. The portable system “Grad” proved particularly effective in the moments in which Vietnamese insurgents fired on US airports. The shells inflicted critical damage to the aviation and property of the US military, and kept them off the ranks for a long time.

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