Top 6 Strange Weapons


Top 6 Strange Weapons - Stipa-Caproni - Copy

In the 30s of the 20th century an Italian engineer who served in the Italian Air Force, had the idea of ​​creating an aircraft with an extremely unusual aerodynamic scheme. According to the construction, air flow should not bypass the plane because of the aircraft aerodynamics and pass through it. Luigi Stipa, with his insane idea of ​​a hollow body, got the interest of Ministry of Aviation of Italy, which ultimately ordered to build a flying prototype in the “Caproni” factory. The first flight of the plane “Stipa” with an engine of 120 horsepowers was built in 1932. In the course of the trials became clear that the unusual aerodynamics still offers several advantages – the efficiency of the engine is increased, but there were serious shortcomings – in the case of entry of aircraft into so-called “spiral” means that the machine will not snap out of it. So in the course of research and testing experimental aircraft, it received its sentence. In 1933 the project was permanently closed.

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