Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History

Convair Pogo

Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History - Convair Pogo - Copy

Grumman X 23 or Pogo, represents a radical departure from the norms of aircraft – from mere eccentricity to complete absurdity. The hull was built as with a normal plane with the exception of the rotor attached to the nose fairing, which has stood vertical plane in the air. Unlike most aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing Pogo’s departures nose up like a rocket with wheels attached to the tail. The cockpit is 90 degrees sticking out of the body for which the pilot he had to lie perpendicular to the ground when the machine is lifted in the air. Then, with a leveling course of the flight, Pogo continues as an ordinary plane.

The flying Court has passed a series of successful tests, but like most bizarre projects not located realization.

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