Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History

SR 71 Blackbird”

Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History - SR 71 'Blackbird' - Copy

Even before the era of universal satellite technology was created SR 71 “Blackbird” – first-class reconnaissance aircraft with unprecedented speed, strength and ability to reach the stratosphere.

Ugly, practically looks like an alien, this plane is possessed with really phenomenal abilities. Anyway because someone conceit special fuel tanks were not well sealed, which was cause for slight leakage of fuel to the moment that the intense heat from friction (482 degrees Celsius) is not sealed penetrations. When the plane reached an altitude of nearly 10,000 meters and speed of 3540 km/h, the surface of the cabin began to glow bright red. Fearsome appearance outside was not better from inside the cabin where in the asbestos coverage was located the pilot.

Some parts of the cabin are heated to a temperature of 300 degrees, while landing the pilot had to wait more than half an hour, to not catch fire at his feet from it.

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