Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History

Bell P-39 Aircobra

Top 6 Strange Flying Machines in Aviation History - Bell P-39 Aircobra - Copy

Therefore the experts have to deal with what are well prepared: during WWII company Bell Helicopters (then was called Bell Aircraft Corporation) has created a powerful super maneuverable fighter with superb opportunities for hitting both land and in air targets. Most aircraft engines are located in front of the cockpit. But the company Bell has decided to put the engine behind the cockpit. The design has provided very high power plane and a long shaft is rotating propeller in front. But construction of the casing around the source of power, as in helicopters, has led to unusual center of gravity. Therefore, some of the planes have crashed even without a shot by the enemy.

However, this air “Cobra” was taken off a large number of enemy aircraft.

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