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Top 6 Singers with no Talent


Justin Bieber

Credits to: Theo Wargo/Getty
Credits to: Theo Wargo/Getty

Justin Bieber is considered an immature corrupt turd by many while others say he is better than Freddie Mercury or John Bonham when it comes to singing and drumming. Many comprehend that he has brain washed a number of his fans with his crappy songs like ‘Baby’ and of course, he is also a baby. Justin started back in 2008 by singing the song, ‘Baby’ and till date, he has sung some other ‘throwaway’ songs like ‘Never Say Never’. Some say he must shut up his imprudent little mouth and throw his ‘singing’ out in the commode while some understand he sings worse than a street singer or even than when one is in bathroom. With his voice, you can remain awake throughout the night unlike others and also, you might notice that this is his only talent after everything else.


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