Top 6 Roller Coasters



Maverick at Cedar Point


Preparing to go for an electrifying roller coaster ride this holiday with your clan? Well, here are the best roller coasters in the world which can reveal the real meaning of ‘roller coasters’ and get your heart propel hard!
Maverick is not made for those with heart snags so really sorry if you are not eligible to jump in for a ride. Located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, a budget of $21 million was required to build this piece of metal track in 2007. With a top speed of 70 MPH, the ride also boasts a ridiculous drop angle of 95 degrees and an overbanked turn at 92 degrees. Point to be noted, two trains are dispatched at the same time when the first train kicks in through the 400-foot, dark launch tunnel. Get ready for a thumping heart or a giddy head after a ride.

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