Top 6 Phenomena You Haven’t Heard of

Eternal storm in Venezuela

Top 6 Phenomena You Haven't Heard Of - Eternal storm in Venezuela - Copy

One of the most unique natural phenomena on Earth – the mysterious “Relámpago del Catatumbo” (lightning Katakumba).

The phenomenon, which occurs in the area around the mouth of the river Catatumbo Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), formed arcing high over five kilometers in 140-160 nights a year, 10 hours a night and more than 280 times per hour. This almost permanent storm covers swamps where Catatumbo River flows into Lake Maracaibo and is considered the largest single generator of ozone on the planet, judging by its intensity and frequency.

At this point there were around 1.176 million flashes a year, a rate of over 400,000 amperes, which can be seen more than 400 kilometers. For the reason that the phenomenon is observed from afar by ships and is useful for navigating to them, it is called the Lighthouse of Maracaibo. The clash between the clouds because of the strong wind coming from the Andes, causing the formation of lightning and the subsequent flashes are caused by electrical charges of the ionized gases, particularly methane created as a result of the decomposition of organic matter in marshes.

And due to the fact that the gas is lighter than air, and rises in height, is formed storm. Some local environmentalists hope the area to be put under the protection of UNESCO, as the phenomenon is the only of its kind on the planet, and restore the earth’s ozone layer.

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