Top 6 Phenomena You Haven’t Heard of

Red rain in Kerala

Top 6 Phenomena You Haven't Heard Of - Red rain in Kerala - Copy

From July 25 to September 23, 2001 red rain poured sporadically over the southern Indian state of Kerala. Heavy rains stained clothes of people in red, like blood.

It was reported also for yellow, green and black rain. Initially it was thought that the rains were colored as a result of the collision of a meteor into the atmosphere, but was later found by the Indian government that there is another reason – the color of the spores of local seaweed.

In 2006, the colored rains of Kerala attracted attention to themselves globally. It goes back and claim Godfrey Louis and Santos Kumar of Mahatma Gandhi University that the colored particles were extraterrestrial cells. Later it has been scientifically confirmed that red rain has occurred due to the isotope ratios of nitrogen and carbon.

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