Top 6 Online Magazines in the World




Still remember those days when you desperately waited for the paperboy to arrive at the stationary shop? Well, those were good old days. Today, we read a lot of magazines are within our fingertips and here are the top six that we selected for a daily dose of infotainment. Rue has been serving in the category of lifestyle publication for the past few years. The main focus by Rue lied in fashion, home design and entertaining its users since it started off in 2010. “Your path to stylish living” is the tagline of Rue. So it’s clear that if you want to live a stylish and a fashionable life, you must abide by the articles and paragraphs posted in its issues. Rue is definitely gonna be your ‘workout guide’ for living a stylish life. On the other hand, the magazines also offers a separate photography chamber as well as Pinterest fodder. And also, the Instagram page of this magazine and Pin board are equally impressive.





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