Top 6 New Features in Iphone 6s

3D Touch

Top 6 New Features in Iphone 6s - 3D Touch - Copy

The innovative products have several new features, but one of the most notable additions is a new screen technology that the company calls “3D Touch”, according to Tech Insider.
This is the next phase in multi-touch technology and will change the way you use iPhone.
3D Touch allows you to handle iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, pressing deeper on the screen to access the keyboard shortcuts and previews.
Apple has several navigation “experiences” – such as “peek” and “pop”.
Demonstrated for example peek into administration was Instagram, which allows you to press deeply on the thumbnail for you to quickly look at a larger scale.
3D Touch enables you to press an icon of application, from which you release a list of quick access shortcuts.

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