Top 6 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Villa Cortez at Palmilla Resort, $14000

Top 6 Most Expensive Hotels in the World - Villa Cortez at Palmilla Resort - Copy

It is located on a private beach and features four bedrooms – two with ocean views and a private terrace. Four bathrooms, indoor and outdoor kitchen, built-in pool, Home Office, Kuno, 24-hour valet, iPhone attendant, personal porter, private chef and many everyday extras – from the type of pillow to menus for aromatherapy.

Here is a place of magical perfection, where wide-open views of the clear blue ocean are enjoyed beyond a private infinity-edge pool.

Uniquely styled with authentic Mexican artistry and flourishes of the sea, Villa Cortez invites you to live, work and play in-residence with a 12-person private screening theatre, state-of-the-art gym, a leather-panelled home office, full exterior and interior kitchen facilities, private infinity-edge pool, palapa-style poolside seating with fire-pit, outdoor rain shower and indulgent spa.

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