Top 6 Most Dangerous Drugs

Marijuana and hashish

Top 6 Most Dangerous Drugs - Marijuana and hashish - Copy

Legislators in many countries discuss whether to allow use of marijuana for medical purposes – for example for the excitation of appetite, diseases from AIDS or cancer. Contained in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol substance affects soothing and intoxicating. The potential dependence on marijuana is average – 1.51. The consumption of normal quantities of hashish or marijuana is practically impossible to take a lethal dose.

And the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol is such that sharpens the senses – especially when listening to music, sense of taste and sense of time. Typically concomitant consumption condition is acute hunger for sweet, salty and sour.

For prolonged use, however, a reduction in the ability to think and learn occurs – most likely through changes in the blood flow to the brain. Especially dangerous are accepted smoking poisonous substances that can cause cancer. The hazards are likely to be even greater than in tobacco, as during burning of the resin were removed hashish and other harmful substances.

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