Top 6 Grossing Actors of All Times

Dustin Hoffman

Top 6 Grossing Actors of All Times - Dustin Hoffman - Copy

He has participated in 39 movies with a total revenue of 4.6 billion dollars. Although he has appeared in so many productions, many of which contemporary hits, “The Graduate” from 1967 remains the highest grossing movie with him, be considered inflation in ticket prices. For his performance in his Hoffman received the first of her seven nominations for “Oscar”. Winner of two “Oscar” – for his      participation in “Kramer vs. Kramer” in 1979 and his role in “Rain Man”, starring Tom Cruise.

Dustin Hoffman received Kennedy Center Honors in 2012, with the following commendation: “Dustin Hoffman’s unyielding commitment to the wide variety of roles he plays has made him one of the most versatile and iconoclastic actors of this or any other generation”.

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