Top 6 Criminals in History

Andrew Kehoe

Top 6 Criminals in History - Andrew Kehoe - Copy

The Bath School disaster is the name given to a series of explosions detonated by Kehoe on May 18, 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan, which killed 45 people (including Kehoe) and injured at least 58. Most of the victims were children in the second to sixth grades (7-12 years of age) attending the Bath Consolidated School. Their deaths constitute the deadliest act of mass murder in a school in US history.

Andrew Philip Kehoe (February 1, 1872 – May 18, 1927) was an American farmer and treasurer of his township school board, notable as the injuring 58 people by setting off bombs in the Bath School disaster on May 18, 1927and as a mass murderer for killing his wife and 43 other people (including 38 children). He committed suicide near the school by detonating dynamite in his truck, causing an explosion which killed several other people and wounded more. He had earlier set off incendiary devices in his house and farm, destroying all the buildings, as well as killing two horses and other animals.

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