Top 6 Best-Selling Books in the World


And Then There Were None

And_Then_There_Were_None_First_Edition_Cover_1939“And Then There Were None” is the sixth best-selling book in the world. You can feel the mystery when reading this great novel, written by the English novelist Agatha Christie. The first title of the book was “Ten Little Niggers” and it was published in the UK on 6 November 1939. This is the best-selling novel by Agatha Christie, with over 100 million copies sold so far, making it the best-selling criminal novel in the world and the sixth most popular book of all time. It tells the story of ten people who have committed murder, but escaped being punished for that in one way or another. The book brings to the reader tension, feeling for unknown and intrigue. We strongly recommend that you read this criminal classic.

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