Top 6 Ancient Warriors


Top 6 Ancient Warriors - Ninjas - Copy

Ninja were used to destabilize the enemy, for political assassinations and delivery of vital information on the position of enemy troops that could be decisive in any battle. Very often attributed hyper, causing fear even in the ranks of the brave samurai. For Ninja main weapon was surprise and of course the fear that causes the very mention of the word “ninja.” This rule them one of the most hated and despised people in Japanese society. Ninja has no fear. They were subject only to their own interests, their best friend was darkness.

Ninja were women and men. Often happened female ninja (Kunoichi) to seduce their prey and kill it. Training was severe, sometimes resulting in death. Among the skills that were possessed: acrobatics, fencing, melee combat, climbing, swimming and enduring long underwater endurance of cold and heat, and stood motionless for days, suppression of hunger and others.

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