Top 6 Amazing Places in the World

Kingdom of Bhutan

Top 6 Amazing Places in the World - Kingdom of Bhutan - Copy

Kingdom of Bhutan is a mountainous country in South Asia. Bhutan is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the Eastern Hemisphere, but the country is ranked eighth among the 20 happiest countries. After it come countries like the United States, Luxembourg and Japan.

It owns one of the most unique cultures in the world – unconquered peak Gangkhar Puensum was declared by the government as a sacred, so hikers among you will have to make do with pictures, but how many people can boast of such footage? To take a journey to the Kingdom of Bhutan is necessary to make reservations in advance, because of the strict control of tourism, imposed by the state.

Cultural enrichment and incredible experience guaranteed by this detachment from reality atmosphere in which cars, phones, plastic bags and tobacco are banned in the 60’s of last century to preserve the incredible nature and health of the population! Relaxation, peace and happiness will satisfy those of you who dared to visit a different but equally intriguing destination.

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