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Nostradamus Prophecies that Have Come True



The Great Fire in London 1966

Credits to : Wikimedia
Credits to : Wikimedia

On 2nd September 1666, a fire broke out in London and the inferno marched through central part of the town starting on Monday and after three days of complete struggle, dwellers were able to bring the fire under control. The fire started inside the Roman City Wall and eventually lurked over the town. However, the fire did not reach up to the district of Westminster or the Palace of Whitehall. On the other hand, most of the suburban slums around London were also safe. But again, the fire engulfed about 14,000 houses, 90 churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many buildings of the London administration. Out of 80000 inhabitants in London, 90% turned out to be unfortunates as they lost their homes in the fire. This was one of the greatest predictions of Nostradamus.

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