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Most Terrifying Natural Disasters



Chile Earthquake 1960

chile-1960_Earthqu_1588215iThe most powerful earthquake ever recorded on earth struck near Valdivia, Chile and the shock was measured 9.5 magnitude in the Richter Scale. It was on 22nd May, 1960 when the powerful earthquake jolted Chile killing around 6000 people. Till date, no other locations in the world have faced such a violent shock. The eyewitnesses of the disaster say it felt as if the earth was kicked away like football by Jesus and about 40% of the houses in Valdivia were reduced to rubble. Additionally, Cordon Caulle was forced to erupt during the violent earthquake and it was like spilling kerosene in fire. Waves, which were about 82 foot tall, landed at the Chilean coast. It was really a terrible disaster.

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