Most Dangerous Mobsters in the History

John Gotti (1940 – 2002)

Most Dangerous Mobsters in the History - John Gotti (1940 - 2002) - Copy
Born in 1940 in Brooklyn, Gotti has always been quick with his fists, and his dream was to become a gangster. On 16, he is already in a local band called Fulton-Rockaway Boys. He quickly became their leader, and the band deals with car theft and disposal of stolen goods.

In the 60s he began to participate with members of the Mafia in the theft of trucks. In the early 70s led a faction that is part of the Gambino family. Extremely ambitious Gotti started trading drugs, which is prohibited by the rules of the family. As a result, boss Paul Castellano wants to evict him from the organization. In 1985, Gotti and his men kill Castellano and Gotti headed the Gambino family.

After numerous attempts to be sentenced, in 1992, Gotti was finally convicted on murder charges. He died of cancer in prison in 2002.

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