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National Grand Theater of China

A night view shows the National Grand Theater in Beijing September 24, 2007. China's futuristic National Grand Theater will carry out its first test show on September 25. The first show, which is not open to the public, will be held to test the theater's equipment, according to Xinhua News Agency. Picture taken September 24, 2007. REUTERS/China Daily (CHINA) CHINA OUT
Picture taken September 24, 2007. REUTERS/China Daily (CHINA) CHINA OUT

Located close to the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, the National Grand Theater is a very unique work of art. The multifunctioning glass building was designed by the architect Paul Andreu. It stands on a man-made island and hosts a lot of important business which include a concert mall, a shopping district, an opera house and many others. The building was constructed using glass and titanium. It is an example of modern architecture. Most people who have seen this building think it is nothing short of pure brilliance.

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