6 Highest Paid Professional Gamers in the World

6. Sumail Hassan – 8 tournaments – $1,640,777.34

Highest Paid Professional Gamers in the World - Sumail Hassan

As EG participated in the Dota 2 Asia Championships, Sumail would get a chance to redeem himself in February. In order to ensure he was comfortable in game, EG’s captain ppd entered the tournament with a focus on drafting around Sumail. EG found themselves in the top 4, with an 11-4 record, after the group stage, so this proved to be a quite successful move.

With his awesome play in the finals, Sumail established himself as one of the best mid players in the world. His most notable performance of the tournament was in Game 3 of the finals, where he found himself with a 0-3-0 score on Storm Spirit before the three minute mark. Although he had a poor start, Sumail led his team to victory by quickly taking control of the game, while finishing with a score of 17-7-11. The breakout performance of Sumail made him to be recognized as a young prodigy in both the Chinese and Western Dota scenes. It also secured him a reputation as one of the best Storm Spirit players in the game.

Thanks to Sumail’s play, EG established themselves as the best team in the beginning of 2015.

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