Top 6 Gorgeous Women (Who Were Born Male)



Roberta Close

Roberta Close

Needless to say, transsexuals are getting suitable priority these days around and it’s important that they need should not be treated the wrong way. Here are some models, who were born with male organs but look and feel like women.

Roberta Close was the first transsexual model to pose for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine. She underwent a gender reassignment surgery in 1989 but everything did not go as expected. Later, she posed, without any clothes on, for a Brazilian men’s journal known as Sexy.

When Brazilians saw her go nude in the magazine, they could not help awarding her the title, ‘Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil’. She has also been able to top other classic lists. In fact, Close was born as a hermaphrodite, which means she is not even a man.

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