Top 6 Countries with the Biggest Armies


Countries with Biggest Armies - France - CopyThe Armed Forces of France are the main protective unit of France. In the long years of war in Europe, the French army has proven itself as one of the strongest.

Its Supreme Commander is the President of France. The armed forces consist of four unique armies:

I.  Army (Armée de Terre) includes Infantry (Infanterie),  Cavalry (Arme Blindée Cavalerie),  Artillery (Artillerie),  Chasseurs Alpins (mountain troops – infantry, cavalry and artillery), Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) (infantry, cavalry and engineering division),  Marine troops (Marines, cavalry and artillery), Light combat aircraft (ALAT – Aviation Légére de l’Armée de Terre), Engineering troops (Génie) (includes the Paris fire brigade),  Signal Corps (Transmissions),  Transportation and Logistics (Train) and Support (Matériel)

II .Navy (Marine Nationale) – includes Naval Aviation, Marine commandos and naval defense forces and Fire Battalion of Marseille

III. Air Force (Armée de l’Air) – includes Territorial air defense and Air defense troops
IV. Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale)

France spends $43 billion a year on defense.

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