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Lars Ulrich

Best Rock Drummers - Lars Ulrich - Copy

Lars Ulrich ignites in music from an early age. Little Ulrich is often with his father during the performances. Directed to rock music after the age of nine attended the concert of the British band “Deep Purple” in Copenhagen. Lars does not ask his father to buy drums, no need, because his grandmother bought the same brand used by Pace – “Ludwig”. But his brand is TAMA and 90% of Metallica songs are played by it.

When he is 17 years old Lars Ulrich left his native Denmark in the direction of the United States, and settled in Los Angeles. There, he placed an ad in the local paper called The Recycler, which explains that he seeks musicians to form a new offbeat rock band. His first ad responds American guitarist James Hetfield. The two meet and make calls from that found that the ideas and views on the future musical direction of the group completely coincide. So in 1981 was summoned the guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron Makgovni and has pioneered a new group that would later become one of the most popular and important in the genre, inspiring hundreds of bands of followers.

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