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6 Best Rock Bands of All Time

6. AC/DC

AC-DC rock band

There isn’t more secure and tested band in the world of rock music than AC / DC. Over the past four decades, they remain true to their characteristic sound, vision and stage presence. For AC / DC one can write two opposing articles. One would be by the fans who understand how it will sound, and the other – by the musical critics.

And they both would be clear. Long ignored by official criticism of the island – “soft” rock, and kept away from the “big money” overseas, this band took its place with peremptory presence, robust sound and a real love for their fans. The truth about AC / DC is somewhere in the middle.

The band was founded by the brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, after their family migrated from Glasgow to Australia in the early 60s of the last century. Obviously the family were musicians because the elder brother George also participated in one of the most successful Australian bands – Easybeats. The brothers collect buddies from school and the neighborhood, who think they can play – at least in the beginning, and the band was ready.

The name was given by the Young sister after she looked at an iron or a fryer. Something that operates with direct or alternating current, at least this is the legend, and it can’t just go without a legend.

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