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6 Best Rappers of All Time

6. LL Cool J

Best Rappers of All Time - LL Cool J - Copy

James Todd Smith was born in Bay Shore, New York on January 14, 1968 as the only child of James and Ondrea Smith. Todd, as he was called, had a happy childhood. When he was 4, he saw his father shooting his mother. Once recovered, the mother of James started dating a young therapist, whom she met during her stay in the hospital.

The therapist behaved well with her, but abused Todd for years. Fortunately Ondrea understood what this man did to her son and left him. Later, James found a way to forget about the difficult childhood – in music. He started with hip-hop only 9 years old, and at 17 he released his first song, which immediately became a hit and marked the beginning of his long career.

On August 7, 1995 he got married to Simon Johnson, which continues to this day.

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