6 Best Movie Stunts Ever

6. 007  –  Skyfall (2012)

Best Movie Stunts Ever - 007 – Skyfall

In front of the majestic cascades of Mr. Bond pale all other action / thriller movies, and as most of you know, in the sequences of the film 007 is always a very unique scenes that make Mission Impossible look like a little brother to Skyfall.

The combination of audio – visual effects and professional stunts, breathtaking you can find in every one of the titles that we share, but Skyfall lovers of motocross benefit. In the film, they can see the incredible stunts, jumping from roof to roof and furious ride on rails with a width of less than 1 meter, and hotheads Daniel Craig and company do not even wear helmets. Do not try this at home unless you participate in 007 Coordinates: Skyfall.

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