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    6 Teams With the Most Super Bowl Wins

    Top 6 Teams With the Most Super Bowl Wins

    6. New York Giants (tied with 4) The New York Giants are a professional American football team located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants are members of the East Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team plays its home games at MetLife Stadium, which it shares […]

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    6 Richest Hockey Players of All Time

    6. Wayne Gretzky It is no surprise that the greatest hockey player ever is also the richest. The legendary player showed signs of becoming a star even before he began playing in the NHL due to his ability to analyze the game. He has 60 individual records which include a very impressive 2,857 career points […]

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    6 Richest Golf Players of all the Time

    6. Arnold Palmer Arnold Palmer is a living proof that you can make money from taking long walks and hitting things with a stick, lots of money for that matter. He is the richest professional golf player having earned $675 million from the game. The King of the Golf Course is eighty four years old […]

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    6 Famous Actors Who Never Won an Oscar

    Edward Norton

    6. Leonardo DiCaprio Update: After six nominations Leonardo diCaprio has finally won his first oscar in 2016. He was named best actor at the 88th Academy Awards for his role in The Revenant. Original: Having been nominated for the Oscars for four years and not winning a single one, the talented actor is now wondering what he has […]

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    6 Famous People Who Were Once Homeless

    6 Famous People Who Were Once Homeless - Steve Jobs

    6. Steve Jobs The CEO of Apple was a legendary and admired man but what most people don’t know is that he was not always as successful as we came to know him. The mastermind behind some of the best gadgets in the world was once very poor especially during his college years. Steve Jobs shared […]

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    6 Richest Kids in the World

    6. India Rose James India Rose James and her half sister Fawn were granddaughters of a king of British adult contest and construction, Paul Raymond. When he died he left amazing riches to his family, a huge amount of which went to his granddaughters. He died in 2008 leaving each of his granddaughters seventy five million […]